When You Live On People’s Choice And Control

Control means having full authority over someone or something. Control also depends on the person being in charge of the situation and the motives of the person towards his subjects. Control itself, have the good side and also the bad side of it. Some control people or things to look after or take proper care of them while some control to intimidate and wicked their subjects or useless whatever things that was kept under their care. But whichever way, as an adult, being controlled all depends on how you give in to it. If you’re being controlled by a good person that provides almost all your needs, you may not see it as a bad idea. But when you’re controlled by a wicked person that denied you most of the relevant things you needed in your life, you’ll almost hate yourself for coming into his or her life, you’ll see yourself as someone being caged and abandoned. And it’s only the strong and bold that can release themselves from this kind of situation.

Teachers control their pupils. They guide them and teach them the right things to know and how to behave well. During the lesson periods, the pupils sit right on their respective chairs, quietly and attentively listen to their teachers. During the break time, they’re all allowed to go out to play since work and no play make jack a dull child. The children play round the school compound, and after the break time, they’ll all go back to their respective classrooms and weather they like it or not, they must obey the school’s order because they’re under the control of the school rules and regulations. Therefore, the control of the school authority and the teachers is the good side of control.

As an adult, you don’t allow people to control you anyhow. Your parents can talk to you, tell you what to do and how to do it, but it also depends on you to take their decision or not. When you’re a child and still growing, almost everything you do seems to be by force. Now you’re an adult, everything you do should depends on your choice. When you deny your own choice and do people’s choice in other to prove the obedient child attitude, you’ll or may later regret it. And when the time comes, that same people will still be ones laughing at you, saying all sorts of dirty things against you. You should always be you. Don’t let anyone intimidate you on your rights. God knows that the heart of man is full of wickedness and that He gave everybody the gift of choice. Your parents have theirs likewise you and believe me, your choice and theirs mustn’t be the same. Your parents can control you by words of their mouth no problem, but it also depends on you to live their control by action. Know that you can force the horse to the stream but you can’t force it to drink. So, be wise.

Don’t allow yourself to be ordered around like a remote control. And you can only kill this madness if you know your worth. Even if you don’t have the capacity now, have the ability to be yourself for money isn’t everything. I know you allowed yourself to be controlled because of money not because you want it, and you’re afraid if you let go, how will you cope without their support??? Fear…! Kill that monster (fear) in you and get yourself out of that bondage. Get out first and see how God will do and arrange things for you. Those wealthy men you see today once started with nothing and now they’re something.

It’s all your fault if you’re being controlled till old age. If you don’t act fast now to release yourself from that ugly bondage, you’ll end up a frustrated old man and I know you wouldn’t want that to happen to you. Now, start leaving your choice, your heart desires and give your life a real meaning to live well. Good luck.




Money Characteristics

Money they say is the root of all evil. It’s the second in command after God our creator. Money can buy you anything even life, because many people died today as a result of lack of money for adequate medical treatment. Money can deliberately transform your life overnight. Money gives life a meaning to live with happiness.

Money can deceitfully buy love, but not real love anyway. Money can also take you round the world, to places. Infact, money is everything except God. If you have money, people will respect and honour you as if you’re god already.

Money can make those who looks down upon you when you’re poor to begin to respect you overnight… To crown it all, money stops nonsense.