Let Your Money Serve You

When you go out there to make money, also let that money you laboured or suffered to make serve you. Stop eating like Rat while you worked like Elephant. No matter how little you make on daily basis, use part of it to eat good food. Eating well gives good health.

You may think that eating well or spending money is only meant for the rich, no, not at all. It’s for everybody. The only difference is that you spend your income in accordance to how you earn. Don’t wait until you become rich or wealthy then you start eating well. What if you make the money today and die few months or a year later as a result of your previous years of eating disorder. If the rich are eating chickens and you can’t afford one at the moment, then go for eggs instead until you can be able to afford one.

Stop wearing rags when you know you can buy some good or not too expensive clothes to look nice. Don’t deny yourself of good things you know quite well you can afford just because you want to save money to become a millionaire or to compete with others that are already made. I want you to know that daily struggle is just to put food on your table, but real wealth comes from God. If God wants you to be wealthy today, no one can stop it. Miraculously, it’ll just happened before you know it. You’ll see yourself being connected to a higher league and boom! You become one of them.

Furthermore, no situation is permanent in one’s life. No matter your financial level, don’t ever deny yourself of anything good under your financial level. Feed well and look good. However, always let your money serve you. And be happy, life is too short to worry too much.