Traveling; An Insight Of Knowledge

Travelling is indeed part of life experience. Travelling brings about exposure, adventure and it’s also educative. It sharpens someone’s sense of reasoning. It also open your eyes more to understand life and its characteristics. You cannot compare someone residing in one state, at a particular community, working or selling at a particular organization or market place year in, year out, no leave, no transfer to someone who at least, once in a while travel from one place to the other. There’s a huge different between the two. Of course, any sensible person will know that the traveller will be more exposed to life.

Some years back, when I was a little girl, I used to hear people talk about travelling as an educative platform, I used to see them as senseless people, I mean then, with my little brain, I’ll be thinking and asking myself: “is traveling really part of education? If yes, how? “How can traveling be part of education when there’re lot of schools with qualified teachers here and there. I wonder as a little child I am then and if it happens to be a debate, I’ll strongly be against the motion that says traveling is part of education. As a matter of fact, school is the only educative platform I knew then and it’s for only reading and writing. But as I grew older I began to read the real meaning of that sentence, today I concur that traveling is indeed an insight of knowledge, very much educative!

It’s good to travel at least every once in a while. Go places, get some adventures and get some knowledge. Traveling and visiting places like museum, beach, etc will give you a genuine insight of what it actually looks like other than the ones watched on television or written on paper. Reading books can educate you, but reading and traveling will educate and expose you more. Know that without traveling, going to places, there’s no way history can tell well. You can boldly say well about something when you’re there seeing everything, how it all happened before your very own eyes.

Enjoy and be happy. It’s a new year and a new beginning.

It’s well!