Policy, as the word may sound so sweet but full of energy. It is also known as strategy or plan. It is like when you make a statement or take a decision about something, you deliberately stick to it without shuddering. Men of policy are straight forward beings, they are bold, they face challenges as if it was a mere plus and minus in mathematics, they are not afraid of what the future holds in anyway, either good or bad, they are always ready for the tasks ahead.

It gives much joy whenever I make a proposal and stick to it. I’m not trying to be a saint here, no, not at all but, I’m only here to prove a point accordingly to how our maker in Heaven (God) created or wants us to be. He created us in His own image. Therefore, we should at least be fifty percent like Him. I mean, how can someone be acting like a saint, only to discover at the end of the day he/she is a devil incarnate. People comes out in different colors, pattern, and styles these days as well as different characters. Live the person in you, always endeavour to be you, and listen to you.

Sticking to your words attracts respect, and the word policy fall into place and you know, describes you. I love transparency and that is why I always strive to be me, listen to me, and act like the me in me. It wasn’t my fault, I was created that way and I hate pretence to a fault. What I love, I love; and what I hate i hate, there’s no two ways about it. It pays to be who you are. It gives peace of mind, it gives joy, happiness and so on.

You can only stick to your words if you begin to live and listens to the you in you, with a strong force or spirit to stand the test of time.



Having a negative feeling or thinking in whatever decision you want to embark on won’t help you, rather it will destroy your plans and put you in a bemused state of mind. Negative mindset always give room to procrastination, and can make one looks so depressed.

I remember some years ago, when I want to do something new, something creative, I think about the positive sides of it and I am contented. But anytime I ponder about the negative side, I felt some kinds of weakness or limitations concerning that same goal and will never consider it again. This keep on happening to me over the years, and I tell you I regret everything. Looking back then, I wish I could change the hands of time, I wish I knew better in the last five years or more…

Thinking negatively in anything you do will never make you rich/wealthy. Life is a risk and for you to make it in life, risk must be taken. We must learn how to grab opportunities once they come our way, and exploit on it right away. I have learnt my lessons and now, I know better.

Forward ever! Love you all!