Never Give Yourself To Idleness

Idle is an act of doing nothing. Idleness can be termed as joblessness. Its also describes someone being stagnant in one position for a long period of time and has nothing to do with his/her life. When you often finds yourself in a position of just sit at home, eat, sleep and wake up day in day out, that’s Idleness and it’s never health friendly. Though, sometimes you do take a day or two off from work to rest your muscles due to stress, which is normal and highly recommendable for good healthy living. But, being idle and doing nothing for so long isn’t a good idea; not for your health, not to your family, and not even to the society at large.

Our heavenly Father created us all with a special talent each. Some, He gave five talents, some three and at least almost everybody one. I know it’s so painful when one lost his/her job, but that shouldn’t make you to be idle. There must be something else you’re good at, it may not be as big as your lost job, but then, it’s far more better than being idle and you know the usual adage that says: “an idle man is the devil’s workshop”.

Staying idle for a long time wouldn’t get you another prominent job. You must go out there, get yourself busy with any little work you can lay your hands on while on the other hand continue searching for another job which I strongly believe you’ll succeed.

Having knowledge of a vocational job attached to your professional job is very well recommended. When the professional one doesn’t work out for you anymore, then you can switch over to the vocational. In other words, if you’re a civil servant that works with a bank and at the same time a good graphics designer, if you in anyway have a problem the bank that leads to a sack letter, there’s no way you’ll be idle when you’re good at designing. If you have more than one given talent, don’t hesitate to develop and use it for your own good and for the future unknown.

Furthermore, I believe Idleness is for lazy people. Some people are so lazy to the extent that they find it difficult to manage a company or business willed to them by their parents and I hope you’re not one of them. Good life and money goes together and isn’t easy to come by, you must work and work very hard for it. That’s why it’s good to have expansion in anything you do to make money. Don’t ever rely on one source of income so that when one fails, the other keeps you going forward.

Always me, till infinity, with ❤️, I care!