Some people say that “heath is wealth” I choose to disagree with this statement. The reason for my disagreement is not farfetched; being that health is far more than wealth. If wealth is lost, everything is not lost, but if health is lost, all is lost.

If the above statement is correct then the need to maintain a good health through correct eating habit cannot be emphasized. It is a statement of fact that most ill-healthy conditions are occasioned by wrong foods; some feed on the right foods but in a wrong manner.

One of the common teachings says a person eats in a wrong manner if he/she takes water or any drink while eating. Drinks should be taken 30-60 minutes before or after meals. If a person takes water during a meal, the course of digestion is altered; the water disturbs the activity of the enzymes which helps in breaking down food materials before absorption into the blood stream. When food is not properly digested and waste not properly eliminated, it results in toxins formation which may be reabsorbed into the body, When these toxins get into the blood stream, they alter blood circulation, if this trend continues; it could trigger other factors which may be an onset of an illness.

Most of us are guilty of this canker worm due to ignorance. To this end, our foods should be eaten dry at all times. Water of course could be served on the table with meals in the event at any crisis or accident during the meal.

Eating wrong foods could cause the condition described above. Some foods should be avoided, these include alcohol, roasted/fried foods, red meat, cigarette (smoking) white sugar saccharine, ground white flour product, denatured or over cooked/processed foods, fatty foods (melon, groundnut oil, etc) A whole lot of good foods should be eaten, these include fruits of various kinds; vegetables, honey, herbal teas, vitamins, cod-liver oil, fish, moi-moi, normal carbohydrates, grains food (pap, custard, oats, etc) normal protein, it should be noted that term “normal” used above refers to food crops that grow towards the soil.

It is an ideal thing for individuals or families to review menu time table from time to time to see which foods should continue to feature and which foods should be replaced to obtain maximum health.

It is worth mentioning that our good health is our greatest assets and so should be held with utmost care. our Creator has been king enough to endow us with life; it is incumbent on us to invest every bit of our resources in our health so as to enjoy the best of life. The body should be given what it needs, in the right quality, quantity and manner. We should cultivate daily habit of moderation and also maintain a meaningful balance between work and play.

Less food is required as man advances in age. You should eat small to the point where you are justified and not until you are full. Eat plenty of fruits/vegetables, observe the right food combination; that way, you eat and live longer. And what is more, you will enjoy sound and radiant health throughout your life time. So always stay healthy!