5 Female Celebrities That Gave Birth In 2021 And Maintained Their Gorgeous Body (Photos)

5 Female Celebrities That Gave Birth In 2021 And Maintained Their Gorgeous Body (Photos) Comments: I thank God for Adesua, she’s been married for some years now without a baby, I was so worried about her, finally she has tasted motherhood. Congrats to her and Banky! … see more http://opr.news/s7470b21d211002en_ng?link=1&client=news


Marriage is God’s first institution, a recognized and regulated human institution but not a human invention. It is a God ordained, God shaped, God endorsed and God ennobled relationship.

It is a delicate relationship which is safeguarded by duty, dedication and devotion. A friendly relationship which flourishes on fellowship, companionship and joyfulness. It also cultivated by commitment. Covenant relationship defines marriage more than anything else.

Five terms of marriage covenant:

Love: married love involving specific obligations.

Living together as a single household and family.

Faithfulness to the marriage bed.

Provision for the wife by the husband.

Submission to the husband by the wife.

There is a growing attack and onslaught on the marriage institution today trying to rubbish the institution and resulting in continued rise in the number of divorces and then cohabitation. Divorce and cohabitation are nevertheless not acceptable to God.

Divorce, Cohabitation: Because of it nature. It is short-lived and so unstable. It is informal. Family and friends do not know relationship exists. It is neither fair nor kind to leave families in the dark and in the cold. The role of the family, religion, and law which makes the difference in marriage is totally absent.

The greatest single reason for the current sickness of the marriage institution aside the attack and onslaught from the satanic kingdom is the decline of religious faith and the loss of commitment and communication. Let God save marriage institution beginning from your own. After all, marriage is to be enjoyed not endured!